actively push forward the internationalization process  the jiahao group organized the third foreign -ag真人国际

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in order to promote the internationalization process and lead the foreign staff to integrate into corporate culture, the jiahao group held the third foreign staff training conference on july 25 at the asian largest island-style wedding venue galleria. the chairman allen shi and the other directors of board of director attended this conference. over 200 foreign staff came to attend this conference to learn and do their own career planning together to follow the step of the company.

the meeting was officially kicked off in the propaganda film of the jiahao group and the leaders. chairman allen shi briefly introduced the company’s growth history. subsequently, the director & ceo of oversea business division liang jihuan gave a detailed introduction of the departments functions and organizational structure. mr. liang also emphasized that the company think highly of foreign staffs contribution, which drove them to re-examine their career planning and development objectives.

allen shi was sharing cameras story at the conference.

ceo of oversea business division liang jihuan was introducing the departments functions and organizational structure.

additionally, the korean leaders also shared their experience in the jiahao group at the conference. mr. kim young seon stood at the side of a foreign staff and shared his own growth experience and the corporate culture of the jiahao group. the foreign staff at the scene was deeply affected by his speech. minister jin xuezhong illustrated how to keep a good attitude and surrender attitude in work from the point of view of management. with considering of long-term development of foreign employees, mr. jin zhaiyu introduced the promotion routes in the company which is closely related with every employee and he also praised some outstanding foreign staff representatives. as the evaluation system is also closely related with foreign staff’s benefit, mr. li dongxian shared the ksf evaluation systems overall operation process and other details, including companys shares status.  at last, ms. zheng xiyu shared her understand and achievement on how to study the chinese customers customs and how to improve the service quality in daily work.

kim young seon was introducing the growth history of the jiahao gtoup.

the i wedding representative jin taiyyu was giving his speech.

jin xuezhong was sharing his own experience.

jin zhaiyu was introducing the promotion route.

li dongxian was introducing the ksf system.

zheng xiyu was sharing how to improve service quality.

the outstanding foreign staff was awarded at the conference according to their performance and contribution.

allen shi emphasized at the end of the conference that the company is starting the global development strategy and the company will imported more foreign staff and enhance the training of foreign employees to meet the new needs. the chairmen encouraged all the foreign staff thereof should quickly adapt to the new environment to improve execution and strive to succeed. in order to achieving this goal, the foreign staff should catch the right opportunity and work hard; maintain the mentality of learning with an open mind and try to realize your value in the jiahao group.

nowadays, the jiahao group is rapidly expanding all over the world to open up the industrial chain. at present it has set up the arcadia commercial center in the usa, covering 6,000 square feet, investment funds amounted to more than 20 million dollars and it has become the local investment benchmark. recruiting and training more foreign staff will further push forward the globalization process. the jiahao group has convinced that as long as we stand at the height of the world, the globalization of happiness industry is just around the corner.