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on january 5th, 2018, the galleria (china) art center hosted the grand opening of the launch conference of artiz studios new dream 18’ series. artiz studios new photography setting dream series creates a romantic pink world for girls livingtheir dreams, in a innocent, and fashionable style while integrating romantic, cute and sweet elements in the background setting.on the day of the event, the famous tv host & creative designer orfila, the founder of artiz studio kim young seon and the jiahao groups chairman allen shi were invited to attend the launch conference to enjoy the celebration with all the other distinguished guests.

the romance of a pink world

artiz studios 18’ dream series was designed by orfila and the founder of artiz studio kim young seon. it has been 11 years since orfila joined the hunan tv happy camp and has played acrucial role in the happy family” tv series. with 11 years growth and improvement, orfila has become a fashion idol. recently, she has been frequently invited by paris fashion week and fashion magazines around the world to attend their events. orfila has reinvented herself as an influential creative designer. her new work, the artiz studios18dream serieshas innovated fresh fashionablephotography designs. the new dream series was created adhering to natural and fashionable aesthetic principles in a south korean style that brings alive romance.

the background series consists of a pink backdrop with an exquisitely arranged love tree, turquoise green gift box and a lovely gift box with what resembles a cute hello kitty pattern. the scene creates an atmosphere full of romance with an innocent charm to it. it is a true princesses dream world. this new series presented all the distinguished guests with the scene of a sweet pink world with unlimited surprises.

as the designer of the new series, orfila put forward many amazing ideas on design and vigorously explored the feasibility of innovation. she said that she chose pink for the theme because it is pure, innocent, and strongly correlated with romance. pink is tacky but sincere, modern but nostalgic. it is agentle color and always connect with glamour, elegance, sensitivity, softness, innocence, and romance. the pure pink wall adds a natural feeling to the whole shooting setting. in this regard, i think anyone under this background can feel very comfortable.

cute innocent accessories that enhance the romance of the setting.

orfila not only helped design the scene but also carefully selected dresses for the new setting to show agirl’s beauty and glamour. she chose grace kelly’s long dress made from lace and hard satin, symbolizing the combination of modern ladys softness and toughness. the folds on the dress elongate the legs shape and also help to show the eleganttemperament of the beautiful girl wearing the dress. the folds around the waist of the dress give aslender silhouette of her waist and highlight a girls natural glamour in the best addition, the design of the themed love tree is another highlight of the new dream series. orfila expressed that she attended a friends wedding in france. the wedding was held in the hosts forest villa, that was surrounded by plants. the bride and the groom spoke their vows under a white love tree. the authentic and natural environment touched her deeply. inspired by the beautiful memories, she applied the love tree element to the design of the photography setting in her own way to express her sincere good wishes to newlywed’s around the world.

artiz studio always strives to produce innovations and be creative. when talking about the inspiration of the new dream series, that came from the cooperation with artiz founder, orfila expressed that she believes that our dreams are where we store all of our wonderful thoughts.dreams of love; dreams of happiness and is unparalleled. this definition of dream, gives the name to this new dream” series. dreams are important to her and

also, the source of inspiration for one of her songs called daydream. i wish that young women can keep their hearts pure and full of love.

artiz studio always strives to be at the pinnacle of creativity and innovation with their designs. the designs are all heavily influenced by korean style and integrate different element and props to create the perfect designs. the artiz studio dream series launch was attended by elites and celebrity’s from around the world. leading people from the fashion industry gathered together to recognize a new chapter of love and romantic atmospheres that artiz studio provides. after the release of the new series, artiz studio will continue to cooperate with more stars and celebrities from around the globe to create more co-authoring series and to set up a fashion studio like no other within the pre-wedding photography industry.

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