the jiahao group’s corporate executives have profound exchanges with sina micro-ag真人国际

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on november 27th and the 28th, corporate executives from the jiahao group, including ceo yedi, cto liang jihuan and cfo wang quansuo, visited lenovo group ltd and internet giant sina microblog company. the jiahao group gifted both companies a signed copy of the chairman’s book, ‘reproducing success – the jiahao management tactics’ as a remembrance of the visit. the jiahao group has spread itsglobal strategy since the grand opening ceremony in hong kong of its top pre-wedding photography brand artiz studio. as another essential step, this visit plays an important role on pushing forward the global strategy.

the jiahao group’s chairman, allen shi learning the origins of lenovo group.

the lenovo group’s executives sharing their development strategy.

the headquarter of lenovo group ltd. is located in beijings zhongguancun software park. the high executives of lenovo group held a grand welcome ceremony to greet the jiahao groups chairman allen shi and his entourage. the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on future business trends. in 2005, the levovo group successfully acquired the american owned ibm’s computer business which has been referred to as one of us’s biggest and most successful computer companies. this move has been described as a milestone for trans-pacific commerce. the lenovo corporate executives shared their experiences and provided valuable insight for the jiahao groups global strategy.

the chairman of the jiahao group-allen shisharing the success story of the jiahao group.

during this visit, the chairman of the jiahao group-allen shi was invited to share the legendary experience and story of leading the jiahao groupfrom 0 to 10 billion in turnover within only 9 years.the corporate executives lenovo group, gave a high degree of recognition to the jiahao group as being the leading company in wedding industry.they hope that they can integrate the jiahao groups internet strategy to provide reliable support to lenovos future development. additionally, the lenovo corporate executives introduced each their new product range to the chairman allen shi and his entourage.

the chairman of the jiahao group signing his bookreproducing success-the jiahao management tactics.

during the jiahao group’s global strategic exchange to beijing, the chairman of the jiahao group allen shi, also visited sina microblog company. the sina microblog company has gained the reputation of becoming the ‘twitter’ of the east and the largest social media platform in china. allen shi and his entourage were warmly welcomed by ceo wang gaofei and vice-president wang yajuan. the two sides exchanged their views on current and future internet microblog ceo wang gaofei made a profound analysis on the development trends of the jiahao group internet strategy and provided professional proposals on progressive internet marriage service strategies”.

the representatives of sina were having a conversation with the jiahao groups delegates.

as the leading enterprise in the marriage industry, the jiahao group has tackled the ever-changing social dynamics and achieved an annual turnover of 10 billion yuan, using the appropriate internet operating systems. the sina ceo wang gaofei believes that the jiahao groups great achievement great results and brought benefits to the whole the future, sina microblog will do its best to support the development of the jiahao group. in addition, it will take feasible measures to support, such as adding a marriage industry section on its platform.

the jiahao groups chairman allen shi, distributing signed copies of his book‘reproducing success-the jiahao management tactic’s’.

there are many outstanding brands in different industries and many public companies in each industry, although there are none in the wedding industry. the sina microblog ceo anticipated that the jiahao group will have immeasurable prospect and may become the first public company in the industry in the future based on his analysis of the jiahao groups development trend. in this regard, the jiahao groups chairman illustrated the company’s global strategies.he expressed that the jiahao group will expand on its “fashion&wedding” model to push forward the global strategies, to live up to the profound expectations from its supporters. synchronically, the jiahao group will continue to stand at the height of the world to fulfill the globalization of the happiness industry.

group photo ofsina microblogs ceo wang gaofei and the jiahao groups chairman allen shi.