chairman shi spoke at the shanghai international studies university and won popularity among student -ag真人国际

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chairman shi of the jiahao group entered the lecture hall

call for a positive attitude and attention to career planning and successbelief development among college students

as a 1980s-born entrepreneur, chairman shi revealed arule on how to communicate with the 1990s and 2000s born young people. “thoseborn in the 1990s and 2000s think very different from the way we think. toprevent a generation gap, you must pay attention to three things. firstly,throw away your vanity. do not talk about how awesome you are. at a rebelliousage, they will stop listening if you put on airs. i often describe myself as a “loser”and talk like a loser, so that they will accept you and listen to youpatiently. secondly, talk about principles in stories. listening to principlesevery day growing up, they will be bored. talk about what you think from aperspective of a loser and the embarrassing things happened to you, and thenrelate them to the principles that may inspire them. lastly, re-shape theirvalues. enjoying superior living conditions, they are not mentally ready tojoin the working world. i will talk about my values and make them think thatthey are awesome and it’s not hard to make it!”

chairman shi of the jiahao group gave a speech

“people often think that a young entrepreneur musthave a rich father to support him, and it’s very difficult to make it withoutsuch support. as a matter of fact, we are in the internet era. nothing isimpossible as long as you want to change. embracing rapid economic development,china is in times of prosperity unseen in a century. you have to work out yourcareer plan before graduation and get an early start towards success.”

chairman shi of the jiahao group gave a speech 2

strive to influence the young generation as an act of kindness to himself

chairman shi completed his humorous speech ina relaxing atmosphere. in the q&a section, the students of the shanghaiinternational studies university expressed their excitement to see chairman shiand the international students scrambled to ask their own questions. in thelecture hall, chairman shi explored the internet+ era, reproducing success andother topics with the students. his friendly interactions with the students atthe award ceremony further won his good reviews, “he is very funny,quick-witted and bold!”

chairman shi of the jiahao group interacted with the students