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photography was firstintroduced into china in the late qing dynasty, but it was not until the 1980sthat it developed. such development promoted the diversified integration ofchinese wedding photography industry.

brought into mainland china in1992, taiwan photography developed under the photo studio model. it was in 2007that wedding photography became a necessity instead of a luxury. with the updatesof digital technology, photography technologies have been continuously renewedand people have increasingly diversified requirements on wedding photography. tomeet the public demands, many photo studios became trend followers in themarket at the expense of characteristics. yet it was difficult to cater for alltastes and a price war in the wedding photography industry was triggered.  

those who fail to change undersuch circumstance are doomed to be eliminated. well aware of that, the 1980sborn young man allen shi started to roll out his seemingly impossible plan. thereforms of internet market brought a multitude of new things into the internetbusiness circles. a major in computer, he keenly perceived the huge potentialsof internet marketing. immediately breaking away from the conventional storemarketing model, he moved on to internet marketing. such a distinctive internetmarketing mindset has pushed him to a new height and allowed this youngentrepreneur starting from scratch to create “a legendary of 0 to 1 billionyuan within 7 years.”  

since then the internetmarketing of wedding photography industry has thrived like bamboo shoots afterthe rain.

personal profile:

born into a poor family, allenshi returned to shanghai with his mother from north china in 1995. he finishedhis college study with loans and scholarships. invested by him in 2008, artizstudio has risen to its fame within 4 years and quickly developed into anindustry tycoon. around 2013, allen shi started to roll out its whole industrychain strategy on the basis of the main business, expanding the business towedding club & hotel, resort and industrial investment.

a multi-industry prodigy,allen shi is known for his gentility of “a low profile man, high profile business.”entering the market and new business fields in the most unusual and aggressiveway, he is reputed as the industry breaker and business wizard. hisextraordinary business talent and unique character have brought him quite a fewadmirers who consider him their mentor for success. all these have helped laythe cornerstone for the jiahao group.

personal honors:

in 2015: interviewed for thereport “transformation from 0 to 100 million yuan” at the people column ofportrait photography magazine;

in 2014: interviewed for thereport “interpret creativity and romance with technology” at the businessinterview column of worldshow;

in 2014: honored with cctvbest business model of the year;

in 2012: rated as shanghaioutstanding youth entrepreneur.

venture investment history:

in 2008, acted as agent ofartiz studio in china (including hong kong and taiwan);

in 2012, established thepalace de elysée with a land area of 26 mu and a gross floor area of 12,806 m2at the south bund, shanghai;

in 2013, invested in “phoenixinformation news” with the issue number of cn32-0053;

in 2013, built the wuxi phoenix internationalcultural exchange center at the plot numbered xdg-2011-31 with a land area of 7,482.7 m2and a gross floor area of 14,538.3 m2;

in 2014, jiaxing-spanish ido community;

in 2014, invested 15 billionsouth korean won to establish the korean performing star training centerct-center located in incheon with a land area of 9,000 m2 and anactivity and performance center with a storey height of 20 meters;

in 2015, funded the korean love-themed movie “wedding story” starred by kim soo-hyun, kim woo-bin and parkhae-jin;

in 2015, founded jiahao fund 3with shanghai municipal investment (group) corporation and issued new stocks ofwolong electric (stock code 600580);

in 2015, founded jiahaointernational business center at shanghai disney (plot no.12).  

allen shi’s management ideas:

1. choice is more importantthan hard work.

2. make ten years’ money inthree years.

3. drive yourself crazy firstif you want to succeed. you will be crazy or successful.

4. success can be reproduced. aslong as i invest time and energy in you, you will be successful in the nearfuture.

5. what you learn is always beyours. as long as you are willing to learn, i will be happy to teach and tellyou how to take the shortcut to success.

6. “b point” principle:develop a habit of starting from results. do not study the successful path wehave proved. just copy it.

7. success is to do one thing repeated until perfection.

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