jiahao took photos for golden eagle’s “little spokesperson contest 2017”  -ag真人国际

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on november 6, golden eagle’s “little spokesperson contest 2017” came to an end.12 babies from 12 golden eagle cities stood out from others through audition atstores, online voting and quarter-final in one and half months and successfully became the spokespersons of the 12 months in golden eagle’s calendar. to present the loveliest appearance of these babies, korean touch baby studio took photosfor the babies, trying to record every smile of them, present the calendar inthe most beautiful way and make happiness accompany everyone throughout the whole year of 2017.

jiahao supported the successful holding of goldeneagle’s “little spokesperson contest 2017”

golden eagle group, founded in 1992, is the firstforeign-funded enterprise group approved in nanjing. it owns grade iqualification for real estate development. golden eagle international shopping mall has become an iconic building for nanjing’s modernization with a height of214m. by the first half year of 2016, it had operated a total of 29 chainstores nationwide, with a total area of 1,770,000m2, including 10 living centers, with an average area of 104,000m2. featuring largecapacity, multiple types of business and strong experience, it customizes real estate development for each city and consumer where it is, sets up an image of differentiation and strengthens its leading position in the market.

ceremony for the cooperation between golden eagle andjiahao in. group

it makes sense that golden eagle chose touch baby asits partner for baby photography. the mission of touch baby is to carry memories with photos and record beautiful childhood with love. it is the firstchoice of many stars to take photos for their babies. on july 26, 2015, october 5, 2015, and april 19, 2016,touch baby joined hands with dragon tv host si wenjia and fm 101 host gao shanfeng to record their baby xiaomili’s growth from 100 days old to one yearold. on august 27, 2015, famous children’s program host sister xiaohe favoredby kids arrived at touch baby, presenting most beautiful memory to her daughterlittle pumpkin. on january 27, 2016, famous host zhang fang brought her daughter to touch baby to record the splendid moments of the little girl.

lovely baby photos taken by touch baby

why can such a kids’ photography studio of two years old attract so many stars to take photos for their babies? this is becausetouch baby serves customers wholeheartedly.

the makeup artist is fixing makeup for a girl

kids’ photography seems to be easy, but it is really difficult, because only when kids are totally relaxed can the photos be lively,real and natural, while kids tend to be emotional an hard to control. at touch baby, you do not need to worry about that,because it has an excellent, professional facilitator team, with a number ofteam members having a national psychological consultant certificate. they havegood knowledge of child psychology and can seize kids’ inward world in photographing. the studio is equipped with specialized under-floor heating and central air-conditioning, controlling the room temperature at 22, which is most suitable for kids.

the most memorable movements and most naïve facial expressions of kids tend to befleet, and this requires touch baby’s photography team to keep the best working  state at anytime. to reach this realm, the team members go to korea to receivesystematic all-round training regularly. in amiable photographic scenes, touchbaby’s photographers take a korean-style candid photograph to make the photoslook natural and sweet. all the costumes used in kids’ photography are importedfrom korea. the costumes are handmade and any man-made additive is not used inthe costume making process. korean-style children’s garments can present kids’naivety and nature to a greater extent. details in photographing have reflectedtouch baby’s pursuit of perfection, and this is just the real reason why touchbaby is favored by stars.      

in an comfortable environment, kids reveal lively and naturalexpressions

touch baby, originating from korea, introducing authentic korean-style photography into the kids’ photography field. when its products were launched, it made waves in korean market. it has set up many branches in seoul, busan and other places in korea, and it has been reported bykorean well-known web portal naver.com for many times: touch baby is a kids’photography studio that can make parents at ease and kids happy. regardingchildren’s safety as the first principle, it provides intimate parent-childinteraction space. perfect photographing experience made korean parents fall inlove with touch baby.

recording children’s innocent smiles is thelong-cherished wish of touch baby

all parents hope to accompany their children’s growth, and they hope to keep most beautiful and precious memories for their childrenfrom an infant to a toddler. touch baby has been adhering to the mission of recording every smile of babies, bringing sense of happiness to every family and freezing all beautiful moments for thousands of families. touch baby studionot only records images but also create fun.