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at the invitation of portraitphotography magazine, allen shi, founder of the jiahao group and ceo of artizstudio attended join the masters—china e-commerce development summit forum ofwedding dress and services industry on january 6, 2015. the event was jointlyorganized by portrait photography magazine and hainan wedding photographyindustry association.

the wedding market has been astrong growth point of the consumption market in recent years and thedeep-rooted e-commerce has become a mainstream promotion platform for theindustry. through platform+ software one-stop foolproof solutions, the forumaddressed the issues in relation to product management, sales, exhibition,marketing, transaction, advance payment, and capital liquidation for weddingdress and services providers.

at the summit, allen shi madea keynote speech titled “how to shake off the e-commerce dilemma.” thissuccessful 1980s born shanghai entrepreneur shared his network marketingexperience as a professional manager of wedding dress industry, and hisbusiness legend from 0 to 10 billion yuan.

as the founder of the jiahaogroup, an operator of artiz studio and one of representative modern shanghaimerchants, allen shi is well aware of the current operating models of weddingdress industry. successfully transforming the traditional model of weddingdress industry to the internet and e-commerce model, he is reputed asthe industry breaker andbusiness wizard.

for him, what networkmarketing can bring is unimaginable and the key is marketing philosophy. somestudio owners now have been stuck in a vicious network marketingcycle—“additive” marketing. it means that “they only know how to buy trafficwith money, but have no idea of how to create traffic.” allen shi pointed out,“most studios depend on the traffic of the official website and overlook thetraffic of popular channels. there are two network marketing models—blockstacking and nuclear fission. the block stacking model is stacking the blockspiece by piece and results are slow; the nuclear fission model is alwaysfinding and igniting the ‘nuclear warhead’ and results are explosive.”

in response to success, herevealed, “i have never thought about being a business owner. most people canmake it because they are forced to do it.”

in respect of the forum, heconcluded that perhaps there is no awesomeness or non-awesomeness in thevirtual network environment, because nothing is impossible on the network aslong as you think big.

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