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chairman of jiahao group allen shi gave a speech of "how to be sucesssul" in beijing university on nov. 8. it attracted nearly 400 students go to foreign exchange center and witness a glimpse of successful  entrepreneur after 80s. allen got praise and applause from audience. students only remembered twosentences after finishing. one is "never doubt your ability ", the other is "jiahao group is worship talents like his life".

▲allen gave a speech in beijng university


looking down from stage, what's your feeling? it's a kind of recognition and honor to have that great experience. because there are many elites in this platform, such as ma yun, yu minhong,perry anderson and so on. now it will has another name that is allen shi from jiahao group. the difference with them is the age: allen shi is post 80. the same with them is they are king of their own field. "how to be successful" made the theme of wedding industry into our eyes. allen shared his successful experice in only 8 years.  he was given the titles of "industry subverter",commercialgenius” and “successful mentor”.

▲stand on platform

my success is own to three carriages that i made in start-up. the first is to make a good choice to run a internet coperate, which stands out from thousands of  startup companies.  the second is service industry that takes wedding industry as a starting point.  whatever gdp goes, there is no saying that people won't marry because of  weak economy. the third is similar finance. now we all know, real estate can earn big money. however, few people knows wedding industry is also similar industry.

in the beginning of the speech, allen gave some special concepts which attracted students such as internet+, similar finance and so on. students was shocked by his miracle of creating business. 8 years later, this post-80s  guy who is billionaire stands on the platform to share his practice experience and law of success to students. at the end of the speech, the chairman of jiahao allen throw olive branch to over 400 students. he invided talents to push company a higher floor. ambition is top 300 in china.

this rich knowledge and broad mind sincerely infected students and finally we received a large number of resumes. students only have an goal to join jiahao that is allen's promise: all students come to jiahao group will be personally led by him. indeed, compared with other big enterprises which caome to beijing univercity for campus recruitment,jiahao group is not the most eye-catching. but we believed that jiahao is a group pay attention to talent, concerned about students. the platform that is willing to cultivate them in the next few years.

attitude interprets everything. the lesson of "how to be successful" in peking university foreign exchange center successfully concluded.

▲regarding talents as life

a man of honor makes talents by a awful way