the korean makeup magician started her class in a luxury hotel to training the staff for studio  -ag真人国际

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saerom, the korean makeup talent came to a luxury hotel in shanghai on 8:00pm 17th, november to start the korean fashionable wedding makeup class with her self-created brand-romand. honored as “beautymagician”, saerom carried out the magic makeup practice class for the distinguished guests and the makeup artists of artiz studio.

poster on the makeup training site

iwedding, the giant in korean wedding industry is a wedding industry group collecting wedding dresses and wedding hall, arranged this event. its high quality services has won the recognition of many korean stars and newlyweds, thus it undoubtedly is the leader of korean wedding platform. for this time in shanghai, iwedding came not only for issuing its makeup brand, but also for a mutual learning and exchange in the same field. undoubtedly,artiz as the first korean wedding photography brand in china naturally favoredby iwedding, which also has a great reputation in korea. iwedding invited allthe makeup artists of artiz studio to participate in this internal training of korean fashionable makeup, enhancing the friendship and laying a solid foundation for thefar-reaching cooperation.

saerom wasteaching on the spot.

there is no doubt thatkorean style makeup is the most suitable makeup for asian women. so the makeup talent saerom attracted countless women for her fame and even the professionalmakeup artists. naturally, saerom didn’t fail to live up to them. she combinedthe theory with practice and carry out her training from five aspects: white foundation, emotional eyeliner, charming eye shadow, dark lip gloss and lightrouge. on one hand she explained the theories; on the other hand she made ahalf-face makeup, after all a perfect face can’t get separated from the superb makeup technology.

romand newproduct display

a common saying goes, good makeup 70% depends on the foundation.asian women prefer white complexion, that “a white complexion is powerful enoughto hide hundreds of faults”. in order to get the white complexion effect, you should carefully smear loose powder with a powder puff and then brush off the redundant powder so that the powder on your face looks filmy, avoiding a hypocritical face. “the expert will prove the truths or reveal faleshoods”. a delicate face emerged gradually under the hand of a top makeup artist. the contrast between he right face and left face clearly shows the makeup potential and the stereo makeup is really amazing.

emphasizeon every detail

saerom passionately spoke on the stage and the listener was eager to learning more. the makeup artists listened to her carefully, remembering and writing down every detailand every subtle action of saerom. after the class, all the listeners confirmed that they have learned a lot through this class and they are confident they cando much better for the clients in many subtle aspects. certainly, the makeup artists of artiz studio also benefit a lot from the class.

la queen makeup team of artiz studio

la queen makeup team of artiz studio has always been adhering to young, natural and light makeup style, giving the pure korean makeup to thousands of brides. theteam knew the 2017 bridal makeup trend through the class of korean makeup talent saerom. with up to 14 years korean style makeup experience from korea to china, the makeup team of artiz studio is confident enough to bring the most pioneering korean makeup to every artiz studio brides.

richindustrial experience, wide industrial exchange, endless learning andimprovement are the source of confidence to ensure that artiz studio can serveevery new couple well. what artiz studio can provide for you is not only themost pioneering korean makeup but also the confidence from the bottom of yourheart.