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on january 10, the “fashion & wedding” spring festival gala of the jiahao group, the leader of the wedding industry, was held at shanghai gymnasium. three giant stars - prince of love songs jeff chang, singer-composerli ronghao and british singer-composer charli xcx together came on the stage.the song boom clap immediately litthe atmosphere of the site. jiahao’s employees expressed that: thisprofessional-level concert is a company annual meeting that jiahao’s senior management specially held to reward the employees who had worked hard for 365days. those sitting beside them are investment bank giants, bank directors,real estate tycoons and famous entertainers. through this concert, jiahao has stabilized its leading position in the wedding industry, it is conveying amassage to the society that:  

the weddingindustry with a long history finally ushers in the industry subverter, which will lead the industry to the road to success.

on the evening of january10, the strongest voice of the wedding photography industry appeared atshanghai gymnasium.

mr. allen shi,chairman of the jiahao group, expressed that: engaging in an industry is notonly for personal success but also for lightening the industry.

when the wedding photography industry just started, the so-called “wedding photographic studios”was actually small-sized studios. they did not have their own photostudios and photographic bases and had to take local famous scenic spots as the background.they might not have their own full-time make-up artists, and brides and bridegrooms had to prepare business suits and wedding dresses by themselves,let alone those “large projects” the self-employed could not bear – photoframes and albums. it was the jiahao group that entered the wedding photography market and thoroughly overturned the whole industry. it has integrated photostudio, make-up area and wedding dress hall into one building, which is a “wedding photographic studio” worthy of the name.

the wedding photography industry has a history of 40-50 years.photographers have been trying to keep the sweetest memories for new couplesfrom generation to generation with their skills and treasure the most beautifulmoments for brides with photo frames. the market demands are extensive and wedding photography is a profitable industry, but no photographer could proudlytell others his/her occupation, because traditional service industries did nothave vigor and vitality and there was no enterprise in the wedding photography industry respected by the whole society and propping the industry. the rapid rising of the jiahao group has made the whole industry see the hope.

on the spot of jiahao’s“fashion & wedding” spring festival gala, the boss surnamed zhang of awedding photographic studio revealed to the reporters that he had been tryingto serve well every pair of bride and bridegroom with assiduity day after daysince he stepped into this industry 20 years before and now his studio enjoys great reputation in the industry, but he did not realize that the wedding photography industry can be run in this way until he sit at shanghai gymnasiumat the invitation of the jiahao group.  

in 2017, the jiahao group will greatly progress with “lightening theindustry” as its duty. it will rapidly expand nationwide and even in the southeast asia region and develop vertical industry chain integration and cross-industry cooperation so as to bring perfect enjoyment to brides and bridegrooms. it will teach wedding photography practitioners how to operate this industry and tell the whole society there are some honorable enterprises in the wedding photography industry, because they are professional enough.

headquartered inshanghai, the jiahao group is committed to developing global culturalindustries. in the culture, education, photography, wedding dress, hautecouture, jewelry, hospitality, film-television, network, finance and industrialreal estate industries, the jiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands.with about 450 subsidiaries, the group has an annual turnover of 10 billionyuan and has gradually formed an independent cultural industrial ecosphere. inrecent years, it has developed into an international, comprehensive investment group.