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first of all, i’d like tothank general manager andy of inspiration international media limited forallowing me to experience the feeling of a giant star to speak in front of youall.  

today, i have prepared twoversions. one is a formal version and another is relaxed version. which onewould like to listen to?

----“the relaxed one!” the audiences responded----

haha, i know you mustchoose the relaxed one. actually, i have only prepared the relaxed version. so,i am going to put forward the first key word:

lightening our industry

nine years ago, i was acquainted with my wife through blind date. the matchmaker is my uncle. heintroduced me: “my nephew is very excellent. he is a wedding photographer.”but, my father-in-law did not accept me. why? later when i and my wife gotfamiliar, she told me a wedding photographer was same as the one taking certificate photos downstairs in her eyes. i was shocked hearing what she said.  

but, it is really the case.this industry has developed for nearly 100 years. actually, the weddingphotography industry had already existed before liberation, while when we saywe engage in the wedding industry or photographic industry, we may often leaveothers an impression: oh, just a boss of a small company. i always felt wrongedwhen i heard such saying. why?  

first of all, i’d like touse one minute to briefly introduce this industry to you all.

this industry has realizedthe annual turnover of 10 trillion. what does 10 trillion mean? the totalturnover of china’s real estate industry is only 10 trillion, while thecapacity of market of the wedding industry can reach 10 trillion. personally, ifeel very happy that i chose this market nine years ago. why? the weddingindustry is a beautiful industry. anyone, no matter what he/she does, will chooseus for the most beautiful day in their lifetime, is it right? so, this industryis a beautiful industry

in 2007, we experienced thefinancial crisis. after 2013, the stock market became slightly better but thenexperienced limit down. however, all these basically did not have influence onthis industry. it can be seen that this industry is so stable. in addition,such a similar financial industry where customers pay in advance, take nothing but only a receipt and then receive our service six month later is rarely seen.this industry is so perfect.  

today, in front of thismarket of 10 trillion yuan, we have only achieved 10 billion yuan. actually, iam not satisfied with this result. many bosses in this industry said:”what thehell is jiahao? we have engaged in this industry for 40 years and only achievedhundreds of millions yuan, but jiahao has achieved 10 billion yuan in onlyeight years.” i always told myself: “don’t care too much about me, because i’mjust a legend.”(the audiences applauded)  

actually, jiahao’s targetis not 10 billion yuan. i think even 100 billion yuan is only a fraction of thewhole wedding industry. so, let us set a target of 100 billion yuan, ok? now,do you dare to shout the target together? (the audiences shouted: 100 billionyuan) thank you all! we will set the target later…  

secondly, i’d like to sharea word with you all -


what is fashion? what isthe relationship between wedding and fashion? let me make an analogy accordingto our habits.

i remember two months ago,there was a show attracting numerous stars and super models. they thought ifthey could present themselves in that show field, it will be a huge platformand a great opportunity for their life and career. what is the platform?

that isvictoria’s secret, an enterprise selling bras. it has become a most fashionableand foremost enterprise selling bras worldwide. personally, i don’t think this isthe power of products but the power of fashion.

actually, the genes of anenterprise are determined on the first day of establishment. jiahao determinedon the first day of business that its positioning is fashion but not weddingphotography. it may be difficult for other bosses to imitate us unless theyhave the courage to start again from the beginning, otherwise they can hardlysucceed.  

next, i’d like to share thethird key word -

who we are playing with

the data of 2016 has comeout. china’s data are amazing: china has 225 million middle class people.according to analysis, this figure will break through 500 million by 2020.  

what does this figure mean?the united states, as a superpower, only has 250 million middle class people.so, where are our customers?

middle class will becomethe upper most consumption market of us. what are the features of the middleclass? basically, they are highly educated, have high income and are at a highlevel of consumption.  

in addition, they alwayshave some performances: they call running fashion; they call shoppingabreaction; they do not care about the contents or actors of a film butemotional renovation. their thinking is totally different from traditionalthinking. nowadays, many bosses advertise on network. in fact, do we hold amobile phone to look at ads? what do we look at actually? we look at contents,right? many bosses may say “my business will be better if i invest more inadvertising”, but i want to say such an era has gone.  

so, boss is just like theceiling of an enterprise. if a boss has not realized this but only thinks it isnot fair that his rival has achieved 10 billion yuan while he has achieved only1 billion in 40 years, then the boss is the highest ceiling of this enterprise.thus, those having not joined the jiahao group should lose no time, otherwiseit will be too late. (the audiences had thunderous applause)

at last, i want to tell youwhat jiahao will do at all in 2017.

i’d like to tell you all aterm –“mental property”. what is “mental property”? before, we only heard theterm “intellectual property”.    

i ran a café on jiangsuroad before. we used the same coffee machines and coffee beans as starbucks’sand the price of my coffee was half of that of starbucks coffee. i thoughtcustomers must choose to buy my coffee, but in fact, not only customers butalso my employees would walk for 10 minutes to buy starbucks coffee. i havefinally understood that people drink coffee is for a kind of feeling but notfor coffee. they feel drinking coffee other than starbucks’s is not drinkingcoffee and it seems that what is in the cup is not coffee if a coffee cup isnot starbucks’s.  

so, each of us has some brands in our mind. let me give you another example. nowadays, what searchengine do we use? it’s baidu. what do we use to search for a good restaurant?it’s dianping.com. now, the president of dianping.com is sitting here. when wewant to drink herbal tea, we may think of jia duo bao and wong lo kat, right?actually, there are many brands taking a place in our mind. why don’t we chooseother brands? because the space in our mind is very small, we can only remembera few of them. so, we can do nothing but catch customers’ mental property if wewant to dominate this industry.

what is my wish to jiahaoin 2017?

first, we will lighten thisindustry, as this industry is so awesome. second, we will do fashion betterstarting from today. third, we will truly make customers remember our products.

let’splay together in 2017!