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on january 5, 2017, at the beginning of the new year, anotherdistinguished guest – board chairman of rk properties was present at theheadquarters of the jiahao group in shanghai. from hong kong to mainland china,he has experienced a legendary journey from the “king of highway” to awell-known personage in the real estate industry. in 2016, the jiahao group and rk properties signed a cooperation agreement at changzhou festival walk,allowing happiness industry and business real estate to join hands under theoriginal concept of “wedding real estate”. chairman shan weibao’s visit hasheld out the olive branch to the jiahao group. it is expected that both partiescan further cooperate to share the maternal & infant market.  

group photo of shan weibao and allen shi

shan weibao was born in shanghai in 1946, migrated to hong kong with hisparents when he was 16, graduated from chung chi college of chinese universityof hong kong in 1970, and returned to mainland china for investment in 1982. inthe nearly 20 years, he has been leading rk properties forging ahead. rkproperties has been adhering to the strategy of “steady and prudent” to expand two main kinds of businessesit supports brand with strength and has exploitedits own domain in the real estate market in mainland china, thus allowing itstotal assets to rapidly increase to hkd 35 billion (hk stock code of rkproperties: 01098), including the land bank of about 5.50 million squaremeters. rk properties led by prudent and courageous shan weibao is of hong kongstyle: it does not rapidly expand on impulse and will stop when the situationsare not clear.    

shan weibao, board chairman of rk properties

recently, rk properties led by shan weibao has cooperated with thejiahao group, a magnate in the happiness industry, again and again, as it hasclearly seen jiahao’s strength and extensive market prospect. headquartered inshanghai, the jiahao group is committed to developing global culturalindustries. the jiahao group has invested in the culture, education,photography, wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry, hospitality,film-television, network, finance and industrial real estate industries.gradually forming an independent ecosystem of cultural industries, the group has grown into an international integrated investment group.

as china’s population aging is gradually coming, to adapt to society’sdevelopment, china has released the “two-child policy”. with the sharp increaseof population, we will usher in the golden development period of the maternal& infant industry. in the following five years, the maternal & infantindustry will grow explosively and will be vitalized driven by the policy.china, as the second largest consumption country of maternal & infantproducts following the united states, has a huge maternal & infant marketof nearly 200 million yuan.

shan weibao is listening to the introduction to jiahao’sproducts

li xiaotao, director of public relations department of the jiahaogroup, expressed that jiahao is taking kids’ photography and wedding photography as a sally port to march towards the whole maternal & infantmarket and that jiahao will orderly carry out parent-kid paradise, infanteducation base and other projects once obtaining the recognition and supportfrom rk properties.  

both parties are discussing how to develop thematernal & infant market

during the visit, shan weibao kindly talked with mr. allen shi,chairman of the jiahao group, discussing the development prospect of the maternal & infant market. after successful cooperation between the twoparties in the wedding industry market, they will further make effort todevelop aimed at the maternal & infant market. it is expected that these two industrial giants will step into the maternal & infant market together.