founder of china broadband capital edward tian visits jiahao for the prospect of the iot era -ag真人国际

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on december 30, 2016, adistinguished guest - edward tian, founder of china broadband capital (cbc) andindependent director of mastercard international, visited the headquarters of thejiahao group in shanghai. this investment expert, who has invested in uber (theunited states), and other rapidly rising brands, started to payattention to the jiahao group and its transformation towards the weddingindustry very early with his wide vision and sharp observation. after mr. allenshi, chairman of the jiahao group, introduced the development process ofjiahao, these two successful entrepreneurs had a round of in-depth discussionabout the potential impact of it’s development on traditional industries andreached an agreement on the conclusion of “cloud computing and iot are thegeneral trend in the future”. it is expected that the jiahao group and edwardtian can have further cooperation in 2017 to make the era of iot comefaster.    

mr. edward tian, a“romantic” entrepreneur recognized nationwide, took office at icf, tstc andother companies before. in 1994, dr. edward tian established asiainfo in theunited states with the internet technology as the core, aimed at achieving theaspiration of catching the opportunity of information revolution and realizingthe ideal of serving the country with science and technology. led by dr. edwardtian, asiainfo has undertaken the construction of chinanet, etc inless than four years, and thus he was called “china’s chief architect of theinternet”. in june 1999, he left from asiainfo and assumed his post of president and ceo of the newly established china netcom. during that period, hegrew rapidly and became one of the most excellent professional managers inchina. in 2006, edward tian established cbc, aimed at catching the next opportunity in the way of investment. in the following 10 years, edward tianhas become a sermonizer in china’s big data and cloud computing industry and received another nickname “mr. cloud”.

chairman of the jiahao group allen shi is introducing jiahao’sdevelopment history to edward tian

on december 20, 2016, atthe forum themed “connect dreams with you”, edward tian put forward the concept“everything needs operation”. in the era of iot, with cloud computing andartificial intelligence getting mature, we receive data feedback and establish real-time connection through operation. operators are the core part in thisprocess. for example, if a refrigerator manufacturer installs an iot chip ineach refrigerator, then this manufacturer will not only provide refrigerator services but also become a food operator, because he will be the first to knowwhen your eggs have run out and when you need to buy new vegetables. nowadays, thepopular uber and didi are just data companies in nature, because they do nothave vehicles, but they have the data about when and where what a kind ofcustomer needs a car and can send the data to drivers.    

this is the era of iot, which is not a simple means but a kindof force

the jiahao group, as an internet enterprise, felt the momentum of iotand started to deploy very early so as to meet the new round of challenges brought by future technological reform. led by chairman allen shi, the jiahao group has developed from an enterprise with wedding photography brands as themain business to a brand matrix integrating high-end full dress, one-stop wedding hall and kids’ photography with a scale of about 10 billion yuan, andit has not stopped advancing for the past achievements. it has started totransform from brand operation mode to industrial platform mode and hasestablished a platform for the wedding industry. “impression of korea” is anexperimental product of the jiahao group, where users can find the wedding photography brand, full dress brand, wedding planner, wedding hall, wedding car,wedding candies etc they want and a one-stop wedding platform has been truly realized.  

on the eve of the explosion of the next round of informationrevolution, allen shi, board chairman of the jiahao group, has made jiahao drawcloser to iot through exchange with edward tian, founder of cbc. it is expectedthat both parties will join hands to meet together the new round ofopportunities and challenges in the era of iot in 2017.

headquarteredin shanghai, the jiahao group is committed to developing global culturalindustries. in the culture, education, photography, wedding dress, hautecouture, jewelry, hospitality, film-television, network, finance and industrialreal estate industries, the jiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands.with about 450 subsidiaries, the group has an annual turnover of 10 billionyuan and is gradually forming an independent ecosystem of cultural industries. now the group has grown into an international integrated investment group.