2017 new year message from chairman of jiahao group: we do not live to compromise with this mess -ag真人国际

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today, someone asked me:“how were you in 2016?”

i answered: “the messed2016 has finally gone.”

let’s look at what happenedin the world in 2016?

when the chinese stockmarket suffering limit down every day just “revived”, the chinese governmentreleased the fusing policy, which was a heavy blow to the investors.

the united kingdom’swithdrawal from the european union resulted in that the housing price therefell by 1/3.

geun-hye park, president ofsouth korea, will quit the scene sooner or later. personally, i have pity onthis tragic woman.  

who could imagine “bigmouth” donald trump was elected the president of the united stated?

the net margin of masterkong fell by 70%

the revenue of wahaha fellby 50%

surplus of bulkcommodities, currency inflation, exchange rate devaluation…

2016 is a toughening yearto good companies, an ending year to problem companies, and a painful year tonew companies.

population welfare hasgradually disappeared, while we are facing economic slowdown, soaring prices,haze and pollution.

but, we need to have fullconfidence in the future.

i always think about aproblem:

why do the post-80s live sotiredly?

before i was 16 years old,our whole family lived in a house of no more than 10 square meters without a bathroom.i completed the university study by relying on borrowed money.

we are all human who growby eating and have two eyes and one nose…

it’s ok if we were born 20years earlier like the post-60s, and it will be too happy if we were born 20years later like the post-00s.

but, unluckily we were bornin 1980s. oh, my god, how could that be?

we jiahao people must tellourselves: don’t live like a victim. even if we encounter setback, we areconfident that we will be successful!

eight years ago, jiahaopeople chose to step into the wedding industry.

at that time, if anenterprise in the same industry reached a turnover of 100 million yuan, it willbe in the first matrix in the industry.  

today, jiahao has reached aturnover which is 100 times that figure in eight years.

what? did you say jiahaopeople are lucky? it’s funny!

earnestly, jiahao peopleare overturning the whole industry, because our thinking is totally differentfrom our peers’.

i. jiahao’s 2016 accordingto big data

1.jiahao allocated a fund of 50 million yuan to implement its “industrial talentcultivation plan”

a countryside boy joinedour company four years ago. with his hair dyed yellow, a cigarette in his mouthand his legs shaking, he answered my questions.


“don’t call me boss. call me chairman shi. howold are you?”


“why do you choose photography?”

“i want to learn a skill to make a living.”

this year, i saw him comeback from korea. he wore a cool business suit brought from korea, withwell-groomed black hair. at the “president luncheon party”, he told me he hadobtained three professional certificates accepted internationally and he hadquitted smoking. he thought smoking was not allowed in rooms in a foreigncountry and his appearance was very ugly before.

the first lesson for him injiahao was image and protocol. he has realized that having a good image in theservice industry can help him win customers’ trust and respect and gain awardedmarks.  

jiahao people have beencontinuously learning and growing. led by supervisors, they learn for not lessthan five hours per week in average. they keep on perfecting themselves andmarching towards their goals.

2.jiahao is the first enterprise in the wedding industry to launch the “project211”university recruitment program nationwide

in the industry, theaverage academic degree is technical secondary education, while 80% of thejiahao group’s new employees taking office in 2016 have a college degree orabove, among which 40% have a bachelor’s degree and 10% are masters, doctorsand overseas returnees.  

3.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to perfect the remunerationframework management system

in jiahao, all people’ssalaries are “transparent”. jiahao helps all employees formulate their career plan, teaching them how to obtainan annual salary of 1 million yuan. as long as you are competent, your salarywill be increased; as long as you are brilliant, you will be our partner. whosaid a photographer cannot have an annual salary of 1 million yuan? in eightyears, jiahao has cultivated 300 millionaires and tens of multi-millionaires,and more and more people will join this troop.  

4.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to invest overseas in a realsense  

bythe end of december 2016, jiahao had 504 foreign employees, accounting for 10% of the total. jiahao does not set up offices overseas to receive chinese customers but establishes subsidiaries in korea, the united states and malaysiato receive and serve the local customers. so far, we have more than 200 overseas workers and six subsidiaries in korea, one in malaysia and one in sanfrancisco, the united states.  

5. jiahao is the first enterprise to establishthe research institute of wedding industry

we invite experts from morgan stanley, pwc, peking university and other famous investment banks, giant accounting firms or world top colleges and universitiesto focus on the industry development and the future expansion of the weddingindustry chain so as to excavate industrial potential. we have established aprivate board of directors with the founder of focus media jiang nanchun, thefounder of cbc edward tian and the founder of noah wealth wei yan to jointlyplan and study the industry development.

5.jiahao is the first enterprise to establish the research institute of weddingindustry

we invite experts frommorgan stanley, pwc, famous investment banks, four giant accounting firms orworld top colleges and universities such as peking university to focus on theindustry development and the future expansion of the wedding industry chain soas to excavate industrial potential. we have established a private board ofdirectors with the founder of focus media jiang nanchun, the founder of cbcedward tian and the founder of noah wealth wei yan to jointly plan and studythe industry development.  

6.jiahao is the first enterprise in the wedding industry to sign strategicagreements with famous listed real estate companies and realize globaldistribution

in 2016, jiahao signedstrategic agreements with golden eagle group, rk properties group and wandagroup, thus realizing global industrial distribution in a real sense.  

7.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to invest nearly 10 million yuanin shooting the advertising video for the wedding industry

in august 2016, anindustrial advertising video called whatare women thinking when they say no was madly spread online, with the highest click rate over 10 million times. jiahao’s senior management found in avisit to korea that more and more koreans would not like to take weddingphotos! customers’ concepts are changing, and this is a disaster to thisindustry! after coming back home, jiahao’s senior management immediatelyorganized a domestic top planning team to plan activities, educate the marketand stabilize the industry.    

8.jiahao is the first enterprise to hold fast to high prices for the industry andraise the industrial unit price  

the prices of weddingphotography have never been raised in the past decades. how can this industrydevelop? actually, they want to raise the prices, but they lack innovation. homogenizationis so severe! jiahao has been adhering to high prices, but this needs courage,as jiahao has to give up many customers and needs to do the best and keep oninnovation! sometimes, jiahao people were busy until midnight for an ad, butthe next day they found the ad was plagiarized… the road of innovation isreally hard, but jiahao people will never give up.  

9.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to be interviewed by bbc andintroduced in korean fashion wedding magazine wedding21

in may 2016, the jiahaogroup was introduced in most famous korean wedding magazine wedding21 and received high praise. inseptember, it was interviewed by bbc, with the topic: the largest aircraftcarrier of the wedding industry in the world – the jiahao group.  

10.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to be received by an americanmayor

landing in buffalo, theunited states, jiahao was warmly received by the mayor of buffalo. the mayorhighly praised china’s rapid development of economy in recently years and thatthe chinese government encourages people to engage in service industries tosolve local employment and make pollution-free and excellent industries have agood future.

11.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to give a lecture at pekinguniversity  

in november 2016, jiahao people stood atpeking university sharing reproducesuccess with all students there. they encouraged the students to adhere totheir dreams and shared techniques for success with the students.

12.jiahao is the first enterprise in the industry to combine fashion and wedding

jiahao people are devotedto investing in the entertainment industry and the film and tv industry andhelping the fashion circle understand the wedding industry. they interact withstars, aimed at improving the image of the wedding industry and changing theimpression of traditional wedding industry - old fashion left on the outsideworld.  

ii. jiahao in 2017

jiahao will spend hundredsof millions yuan on developing three “clouds”.

in the future, when milkruns out, your refrigerator will automatically book milk from a dairy.  

in the future, sharedvehicles are parked on the roadside, and you can use an app to open them.people can share the vehicles with a little money…

the era of sharing economyand artificial intelligence is coming.

jiahao people are preparingfor the future.

customers can choose anytop-class designer worldwide to retouch their photos and then send the photosback to their terminals through “cloud”.

in the future, photo albumsand frames can upgrade photos through “cloud” at any time. with the faceindentifying technology, photo albums and frames will display the favoritephotos of different people when they pass by.

by using the vr technology,we can let lee minho or any a star you like help you introduce the albumcontents.

why are jiahao people soawesome? it is because our way of thinking is different from others.

as we are doing what youdare not to do, we are living the life we want to live.

when traditionalenterprises are preparing performances for their leaders at an annual meeting,we spend tens of millions on inviting stars to perform for our families and wecan decide what they sing.

you are the most important one in my heart.

we live not for “perfect” but for “awesome”.

i wish you all a happy new year                                                                                                                         allen shi