jiahao handed in a perfect answer sheet in 2016 accompanied by songs -ag真人国际

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on january 10, 2017, jiahao“fashion & wedding” spring festival gala for 2016 was held at shanghaigymnasium. three super stars, including popular singer-composer li ronghao,immortal prince of love songs jeff chang and grammy awards giant star charlixcx together were present at the gala. it is hard for us to imagine such aspring festival gala is an annual meeting for rewarding the employees. what akind of enterprise is it having such financial resources to hold such an“extravagant” annual meeting? it is the jiahao group.  

it won the honor of “most influential brands of the year” in 2016 for the thirdconsecutive year, with its brands occupying 70% of the korean-style weddingphotography market. it has landed in 56 cities nationwide and is actively expandingtowards overseas markets. it has been improving its brand influence andpopularity and has gradually drawn a distance to the second echelon. it tendsto be the unicorn in the industry. the jiahao group has handed in a perfectanswer sheet for 2016 to the whole industry. for the wedding industry, whichhas been a traditional industry in china, it is really a miracle. how hasjiahao made such a great achievement in eight years?  

putting product first and centering onstrategics

the jiahao group is devoted to globalization of thehappiness industry. with the wedding photography industry as a supportingpoint, it marches towards high-end wedding dress, one-stop wedding hall, kids’photography and other fields. so far, it has invested in about 30 brands andowns more than 450 subsidiary industrial corporations, with the annual turnoverof over 10 billion yuan.

concerning how jiahao is able to hand in such ananswer sheet, chairman allen shi told the reporters that: “an enterprise’sstrategic planning is of great significance to the enterprise’s survival anddevelopment.”

2016 was a meaningful year to jiahao in. group. itsigned strategic cooperation agreements with wanda group, nanjing golden eagleinternational group, rk properties group and many other china’s mostinfluential commercial real estate leading enterprises, and all these wereconducted under the strategic planning of chairman allen shi. through suchcooperation, jiahao’s investment projects have landed in new york state, theunited states, and it will further develop in such new fields as wedding hoteland maternal-infant paradise in the future. jiahao will develop multiple fieldsat the same time.

jiahao & golden eagle strategic cooperation newsconference on september 28

in enterprise strategies, brand strategy has been thepriority among priorities of jiahao. jiahao has invested in a series of koreantv soaps and films through sponsoring jang geun-sunk, rain, twins and otherstars and has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in establishing a startraining school in korea, thus successfully owning “fashion halo”. additionally,it has set up product r&d centers in korea and the united states, whichresearch and develop a set of new products every half a year, includingphotography, wedding dresses, photo frames, flower patterns etc. the r&dcenters convey cutting-edge fashion elements to chinese market, thus makingjiahao stamped with “fashion” and favored by the public. this is also the corereason why jiahao’s products could take the lead in the domestic market fromthe beginning to the end of 2016.

chairman allen shi is present at twins’ concert

targeting overseas to expand domain

in 2016, jiahao advanced in the process of expandingdomain at a high speed. it newly opened 107 stores in 35 cities, including 27wedding photography studios, 40 wedding dress stores, 3 wedding halls, and 37baby photography studios. at present, the jiahao group’s brands have entered 56 cities nationwide, covering all first-tier cities and 90% second-tier cities inchina, and it is gradually expanding towards third- and fourth-tiercities.  

with the speed of “establishing a new store every 3-4days”, jiahao’s turnover has realized a rapid growth of 150%, and it has servedcustomers accumulatively for up to 800,000 person-times. expanding domain needstalents! behind this series of figures is jiahao’s perfect talent strategy – acomplete system covering the mining, screening and cultivation of talents.

in the past year, jiahao made efforts to mine talents and entrust them withimportant posts. mr. allen shi went to four world top colleges and universitiesincluding peking university to give lectures to attract high-end talents.jiahao also organized senior researchers in the industry and inexperienceduniversity students to form jiahao research institute, which conducts researchon the future of the wedding industry and provides product improvementsolutions with the vitality of these university students and the expertise ofthese researchers. they have made great achievements. i believe theseuniversity students will become the pillars of jiahao two or three years later.at present, jiahao has 5,000 employees, including 300 foreign employees (throughoverseas recruitment).

chairman allen shi is giving a lecture “reproduce success” at pekinguniversity

with high-end foreign talents’ joining jiahao, jianhao has changed its target from domestic market to european and american marketsand has the whole world in view. there are abundant tourism resources in thevast overseas market. bali, mauritius, london and paris are the holy land forwedding in chinese brides’ eyes. jiahao will provide higher-quality, reliableand convenient services for chinese customers in 2017.

i believe we will see a brand-new jiahao in 2017. it will keep a foothold in the wedding industry to expand towards the parent-child field and the cultural field and upgrade from the wedding industry chain to the happiness industry chain worldwide.

the jiahao group is devoted to the globalization of the happiness industry!