the jiahao group attends canon imaging products & solutions exhibition to deeply explore into photog -ag真人国际

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on may 12, canon (china) held 2017 canon (china) business exhibition in the westin wuhan hotel. themed on “connection”, the business exhibition was divided into 6 areas which were high efficiency medical care, smart office, colorful life, security system, customized output, convenient selfservice. the exhibition contains the display of most advanced image input and output devices as well as printing solutions. as a cooperative partner of canon (china) co. ltd, the jiahao group also attended this business exhibition.

photographer is shooting at site with canon device.

as a comprehensive enterprise, the jiahao group has invested in many fields, including more than 30 high-end brands in photography, designer wedding dresses, highend custom designer dresses, culture, and education. there are many brands under the jiahao group such as artiz studio, the queenmiss lunaam+wonkyusum studio, touch baby, seoul baby and other innovative baby photography brands. earlier this year, in order to make standard albums for the baby photography studios, the jiahao group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with canon (china) co. ltd. both sides hope that more consumers can experience the glamour of high quality videos and portraits. now the jiahao group expect to put forward further cooperation between the two parties and know more advanced technology through this exhibition.

the jiahao group and canon (china) signed cooperation agreement in march

public relation director of the jiahao group toto expressed: “in this business exhibition, i was surprised by the new techniques displayed in the 6 exhibition areas. in particular, i was deeply impressed by the new colorful life products which includes image input devices like eos dslr camera and image output device like prograf pro series products. these new products can provide all-wave device service for photography studios to produce the best portraits or videos that restore the color and light to the original condition or shape. this also will give great help to us for expanding the market of wedding photography and baby photography with the highest color accuracy for prints. this year is the 20th anniversary of canon (china), and also an important year of strategic cooperation year between the jiahao group and canon. we are looking forward to see more new techniques exploited by canon.

artiz founder kim youngseon (right), canon (china) general manager of eastern china (middle), pr director of the jiahao group toto (left)

public relation director of the jiahao group toto also added: with the further expansion of the photography market, it’s obvious that customers attach more importance to the pursuit of collection and that they value their printed wedding photographs and baby photographs much more so than just digital images. that means customers have higher requirements on photography techniques and quality as well as the printed result. the jiahao group continues to launch thematic products such as entertainment videos, family photography, baby portraits, and more. in order to satisfy market trend and customer’s demand, we hope that we can use the canon image input and output devices to produce good quality video, portraits, and albums. that’s a difference between the jiahao group and other photography companies. we have witnessed the high accuracy of the photos shot and then printed by the canon devices, their ecosystem of devices is second to none.  

canon device is printing high accuracy wedding portraits.

display of the portraits printed at site

luxury prewedding photography has become more and more in demand over recent years. in addition, more people want to use baby photography to record the growth of their children. therefore the demand of wedding photography and baby photography is forecast to continue to increase. in particular, baby photography has developed rapidly in the photography industry with 16% annual growth rate and the annual turnover of baby photography industry has exceeded 25 billion yuan. relying on its keen insight into the market, the jiahao group has created its baby photography brands with the hopes that it can make a difference in the growing photography market.

the jiahao group constantly creates new projects and catches every opportunity to cooperate with powerful partners to delve deeply into the wedding photography and baby photography markets. with regard to this cooperation with canon, the jiahao group believes that it will give great help to produce high quality products in wedding photography, baby photography and the commercial imaging industry at large.