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may 17, 2017. the cannes film festival ushered in its 70th anniversary as the world’s most influential film festival. from world famous film directors to many international super stars, many people took part in the festival, including first time judge fan bing bing, as well as the red carpet frequenter chris lee, the famous actress monica bellucci.additionally, there was a familiar figure who appeared on site, that is the pioneer of the chinese wedding industry, jiahao group chairman allen shi.

chairman allen shi of the jiahao group at the 70thcannes film festival

the founder of the jiahao group as well as the founder of the entire marriage culture industry chain model in china, allen shi, brought the korean style wedding photography to mainland china. allen shi created the miracle of 0 to 10 billion rmb annual revenue within just 8 years. he created numerous “firsts” and was called “the industry subverter,” “the business wizard,” and “the jack ma of the wedding industry” by peers. as the leader of the chinese wedding industry, his appearance attracted the attention of many journalists. he answered a journalist’s question about why he came to participate in this film festival. he said: it was a great choice to invest in the film industry. after all, the film industry is a huge market.

chairman allen shi of the jiahao group at the 70thcannes film festival

as for why the jiahao group would invest in the film industry, european/american division director eric explained that: the jiahao group is committed to globalizing the happiness industry and to blend the wedding industry seamlessly into the entertainment and film industry to create a fashion&wedding partnership.the jiahao group is in multiple industries and we have invested heavily in culture, so it is not an entirely new direction to invest in the film industry. currently, we haveplanned a video about our various brands called“global brands in a day,which is more narrative driven than what we’ve done previously. that’s why we say investment on film is a good choice for us.

exclusive close-up shot in cannes film festival

eric added that: before we became involved in the film industry, the jiahao group also invested heavily in other arts and entertainment industries, including sponsoring and holding concerts and events, such as those of jang keun suk, raintwinsrunning man in hong kong and exo in north america. in addition, the jiahao group has invested in korean television dramas and training schools for cultivating stars in korea. as a comprehensive group, jiahao has strong power to invest in the film industry to improve its own brands.

with the biggest scale and highest reputation, the cannes film festival is most influential international film festival in the world. in cannes film festival, you can know the most classic film of this year first. whats more, it provides the chance to communicate with international stars and world famous directors. so, which star will work with the jiahao group to enter film industry in the coming future? let’s find it out.