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the record team of australian broadcasting corporation (abc) came to the jiahao group headquarter to have a one-day documentary on august 3, 2017. olivia martin mcguire, the famous photographer and also a film maker hope that she can use her own way to show the world the glamour of chinese marriage industry and record the growth miracle of the jiahao group as the most understanding representative which has built up a huge marriage empire only within 9 years.

follow the newest trend to illuminate the whole marriage industry

allen shi didnt hesitate to choose the marriage industry in 2008. this choice seemed very unwise at that time. while present data shows that the market of the chinese domestic narrow marriage industry and the related hotel and restaurant fields together has more than 500 billion yuan revenue. if bring the tourism, jewelry and other related fields to the marriage industry, the overall market revenue will be more than one trillion. these are enough to prove that allens choice is absolutely right.

over the past nine years, the jiahao group grew rapidly into a leader in global marriage industry. the jiahao group has dedicated to realize the systematization and standardization of the enterprise to enhance its development and synchronically push forward the development of the related enterprises in its on-line and off-line chain. allen shi said that i hope that all the brands under the jiahao group will has the same reputation of starbucks that is favored by the consumers all over the world; and all the enterprises in the industry chain are no longer to win through price but through innovative service and product. additionally, i hope that the hundreds of listed companies will emerge in the industry and the jiahao group can illuminate the whole marriage industry in the future.

9 years endeavor created a marriage empire

since founded in 2008, the jiahao group has continuously explored in this ever-changing market. in order to following the trend, it adopted the internet marketing model and took new strategies in 2013. as a result, the jiahao groups turnover decreased from 30 million to 1 billion, which refreshed the marriage industry record. subsequently, its turnover reached 10 billion in 2016 that created a new myth in the industry again.

at present, the jiahao group has opened 107 stores over 68 china domestic cities, including all the first grade cities, 90% of the second grade cities and it is gradually expanding to the third and fourth grade cities. it also set up branches in united states and malaysia. in addition, its pre-wedding photography brand artiz participated in the hong kong wedding expo in july 2017 for the first time and achieved over millions hong kong dollars volume. the hong kong store will officially open in september. the chairman allen shi even visited singapore and indonesia as a survey for laying the foundation of winning the southeast asian market. allen expressed that currently, the jiahao group has already realized the systemization and standardization. that gives strong support for expanding business scope around the world. in another word, the jiahao marriage empire is vigorously expanding…”.

keep the original dream and keep seeking for new design inspiration

when talking about the one-day interview with allen shi, olivia felt very glad to have the chance to communicate with allen and she said this kind of chance is very rare after all. allens daily itinerary is very tight, like most other entrepreneurs do, but he gave me a kind of easy feeling. the whole company is full of vitality. thats maybe the key factor that drives the jiahao group to be the most outstanding representative in global marriage industry.

music, travel and racing are allens favorite during his spare time. he always said that music is borderless and the wonderful music can flow into people’s heart, arriving in the depth of the soul and can lead an impetuous heart to a peaceful land. as for travel, he mostly takes it as a way to seek for innovative inspiration. after the long journeys, allen has learned more and more knowledge of art. naturally, his sense of art was improved constantly. allen also dedicates to racing, because racing is not just a way to show man’s charming for him, also a way to inspire his courage and passion. he also said that theres no clear dividing line between work and life. the highlights in life can be integrated into the work inspiration. never give up your original dream and you will realize it sooner or later!


the world is changing, but the entrepreneurial spirit is constant. due to the jiahao peoples hard work, the jiahao group can develop rapidly in the past 9 years. olivia also expressed that this interview give me a new understanding of the chinese marriage industry. the jiahao group will play a crucial role in pushing forward the development of the global marriage industry in the coming future.