the profound exchange between the bellwether of marriage industry and the ex-ag真人国际

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the founder and executive director of tulip media, ms. zhuang yong came to shanghai and visited the jiahao group with her entourage on august 22. ms. zhuang yong came to the jiahao group headquarter after visited its pre-wedding photography store artiz and the one-stop wedding venue-galleria. the chairman of the jiahao group had a profound discussion with ms. zhuang on future cooperation modes. the pioneer of chinese wedding industry, the jiahao group has spread widely in china mainland and had won the domestic overall market. the great achievement not only owes to the strength of the group, but also benefit from the group leaders keen insight on the market as well as proper propaganda mode.

at present, the domestic top led large screen operator, tulip media has covered markets of almost 90 cities in china and occupied the main share of domestic led large screen market. the tulip media founder, ms. zhuang has a legendary experience. she once won chinese first gold medal in olympic swimming race and evolved in tv presenter after her retirement. she finally chose to start her own business together with her friend and then decided to grow along with her own company tulip media. although, the identity of champion was her advantage that was a stepping stone for her new career, she instantly learns new knowledge to meet the requirement of her career and follow the rules in business.

the chairman of the jiahao group, who had familiar growth path with ms. zhuang, allen shi also keeps learning in setbacks, learns lessons in frustration and finally found a way out, as well as built up such a splendid wedding group company. allen shi expressed that, “company’s propaganda and the advertising funds must match with the customers receptivity and promoting amount. with regard to our internet industry park, were trying to reduce staff and reserve competent staff to improve human efficiency and resource intensity.

ms. zhuang highly praised the jiahao groups achievement and said, the jiahao group, a global enterprise and also a marriage industry platform as well as the organizer of many marriage culture exchange activities, has attracted the worlds attention. the completed marriage industry chain is absolutely proofs that the jiahao group has caught the right opportunity under the current circumstance. ms. zhuang yong hope that both parties can reach in-depth cooperation on many fields, including wedding gown, wedding venue, stars resource exchange as well as other fields through this visit so that they can get a win-win situation and make more breakthroughs in media industry and also in marriage industry chain respectively.

the jiahao group, the most outstanding enterprise in marriage industry and tulip media, the leading enterprise in led large screen industry, the cooperation of these two powerful enterprises can bring what kind of influence in respective industries? wait and see!