the jiahao group sponsored michael learns to rock to dedicate to classic and eternal love -ag真人国际

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michael learns to rock 2017 eternal china tour got started on shanghai luwan indoor stadium on august 25. this popular danish band has announced to start a new tour and boarded on the beijing tv global spring festival gala ensued. now, michael learns to rock came back to their chinese fans again. the jiahao group, an enterprise that keeps intimate cooperation with entertainment industry, sponsored this tour and presented numerous audiences a classic music gluttonous feast.

prior to this, mltr has repeatedly held tours in asia and has visited china for several times. wherever they went, they can cause a sensation and win warm welcome. one of their well-known songs take me to your heart was the most popular one all over china. they even won the “most popular foreign band”award on the “guangdong performing arts” awarding ceremony of this year. their reputation never faded away among the chinese fans.

the mltr was a swedish classic music band, established in late 1980s. it has created lots of classic original works and has unpatrolled influence on european music field as well as the united states music field. in addition to this great influence on western music, the mltr also has great influence on asian music field. they covered the english version of the chinese song 《传奇》(fairy taleand 《一无所有》(i walk this road alone), which set off a passionate wave in asia.

the mltr band sang their classic songs one by one in the shanghai luwan stadium, which reminded the fans of romantic memories. the founder of the jiahao group artiz and the founder of jiahao group galleria were on the scene. they exclaimed, “the classic always have unparalleled power. the fans at the site can’t help to sing along with the raising of the familiar melody. the jiahao group also dedicates to create classic to make all its brands to be century-old brands”.

the founder of artiz kim young seon (second by left), the founder of galleria dong (left) with mltr band

after the concert, the mltr went to galleria to enjoy the banquet for celebrating their tour. they shared their stories in their career and extended their appreciation to the chinese fans for their warm welcome and hospitality. they also highly praised galleria’s splendid design style and professional arrangements. they said, “we sincerely appreciate the strong support of the jiahao group. we’re honored to hold our tour banquet in this holy venue. it gives us holy and wonderful feelings that are more than happiness.”

the representative of the jiahao group expressed that, “it has been 30 years since mltr was established.  the mltr band is the best integration that combines scandinavian fresh style with classic pop music. they neither have overwhelming propaganda nor cause any scandals. they only focus on creating more classic songs that the fans never get tired of hearing for hundreds of times”. this is consistent with the concept of the jiahao group, which has dedicated to the development of the world culture industry and advocated its brands to create pragmatic good products to bring happiness to customers instead of making fancy gimmicks. the mltr tour in shanghai stop is another case that shows the jiahao group’s fashion & wedding model. the jiahao group leader always believe that intimate relationship between the company and the stars that customers like can help the company to create products which can conforms to the customer’s aesthetic and needs.

the jiahao group always centers on brands strategies. sponsoring the tours of jang keum suk, rain, twins, exo and other stars is one of its strategies. in addition to sponsoring, the jiahao group also invested on korean tv lists and korean films as well as over 100 million investments on korea star training college. all these strategies brought out a “fashion halo” of the jiahao group. the jiahao group is expected to invest more on the entertainment industry and fashion industry to create more classic products in the future.