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on september 7th, 2017, the jiahao group’s high-end wedding venue galleria and one of the world’s photography industry leader’s, nikon imaging equipment sales (china) co., ltd. (hereafter referred to as nikon) held an official strategic cooperation ceremony. the two powerful companies confirmed that they will work together to enhance in-depth cooperation and jointly push forward to upgrade image output quality standards of the pre-wedding photography, wedding videography and album manufacturing field. this collaborationwill further to develop more innovations in the industry. with nikon’s strong technological support and galleria’s expertise and facilities we will now be able to offer an even better service for our clients.

nikonis continuously upgrading its technologies in the photography industry and has developed various products including personal, professional and sport cameras, key mission image editing software as well as on-line image sharing platform “nikon image space” and “snap bridge” that allow access to continuouslyconnect nikon cameras with digital devices. additionally, nikon offers a full range of imaging solutions for both small and large scale photography studios and wedding venues.

the opening of the cooperation ceremony

this ceremony not only deepened the bilateral cooperation between the two companies it also provided a platform for nikon to display its new d850 series. the managing director of nikon (china), gaojie hong shi said: “nikon is dedicated to developing the photography industry, concentrating on the research, manufacturing and sale of the devices. we’re very glad to cooperate with galleria. galleria, is one of china’s best wedding venue brands that has a great reputation with profound influence and unparalleled advantages in chinese wedding industry. with its rich experience, galleria can help nikon to further promote nikon products in the chinese market. we hope that our products can help galleria serve its customers in the best possible way by capturing the couples special moments.”.

managing director gaojie hong shi of nikon (china) imaging device sales co., ltd.

the new nikon d850 series is equipped with an fx format, back side incident ultra hd image sensor with 45.75 million effective pixels and iso 64-25600 sensitivity range. these highly-advanced technologies allow galleria’s photographers to capture the subtle moments accurately. in addition, the sharp and clear nikkor lens is necessary for recording 4k ultra hd videos. nikon has provided galleria with the professional photography equipment required to capture the newlyweds on one of the most important days in their lives.

nikon new products

the founder of galleria, li dongxian expressed “we chose to partner with nikon because of its highly-advanced technologies and rich experience in photography industry. nikon provided us with their latest and greatest products and professionally illustrated the advantages of using nikon’s products and offered continuous technical support to galleria in the future.”

the founder of galleria li dongxian

two parties’ group photo

in an era of improved technology, more and more newlyweds have increasing requirements in the quality of their wedding photos and videos. therefore galleria and nikon will formally collaborate to provide galleria’s customers with an even better quality of service using nikon’s high performance devices to record their picturesque day. we are proud to announce that an increasing number of people will now have the chance to experience the wonders of 4k high quality video resolution technology which is a common goal of both galleria and nikon.