the jiahao group creates a storm in the fashion industry in asia-ag真人国际

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on the 22nd of november 2017, the jiahao group hosted its asia-pacific strategic conference & the grand opening ceremony of artiz studio-hong kong at the w hotel hk. the jiahao group’s chairman, allen shi and the founder of artiz studio, kim yong seon were both presents at the event. they were accompanied by representatives of the jiahao group’s strategic partners, chen zhigang of cannon and kim tae wook of iwedding. the red carpet was laid out for over 10 hk and korean stars who were invited to attend this very special occasion. the celebrity guests included kim jong kuk from the korean variety show ‘running man’, jessica hester hsuan the famous hk tvb actress, chae si ra the korean film and shareholder of the company and many more distinguished guests. the event was also attended by many people from the fashion and entertainment industry who broadcast the ceremony.

the jiahao group chairman allen shi (in middle) with hk tvb famous actress jessica hester hsuan (the third from right), running man guest kim jong kuk(the second from right), korean film star chae si ra (the third from left) and shanghai sum host zhao qixin (the first from right)

the conference and the opening ceremony were held at the w hotel hk in their banquet hall on the 7th floor. this is where distinguished politicians, fashion insiders, and superstars from around the world gathered to attend the asia-pacific conference. the distinguished guests come from all around the world including germany, france, south korea, united states, italy.

speakers on behalf of cannon (asia-pacific), the road king group and other well-known international brands featured at the event to congratulate the jiahao group on their asia-pacific strategy. the guests congratulated the jiahao group on their current success and artiz studio-hong kong on their marvelous beginning and wished them both a prosperous future.

the founder of artiz studio kim yong seon and hk tvb famous actress jessica hester hsuan

as a pioneer and innovative pre-wedding photography brand that closely connects with the fashion industry, artiz studio has created around 8 billion shutter clicks record, collaborated with 72 brands, cooperated with 63 stars and celebrities, unveiled 916 photography settings, won 51 industrial awards, had 382 first class foreign photographers and served for more than 20 million newlyweds since founded.

artiz studio has expanded throughout asia and the world. artiz studio has 43 stores with offices around the world including paris, los angeles, jakarta and singapore and other international cities. artiz studio’s expansion plan is facilitating the companies goal to become a world leader in the global photography industry. the company wishes to closely align the pre-wedding photography and fashion industries. artiz studio is no longer just a pre-wedding photography brand, as the innovative efforts to combine both of the industries have brought the company close to the fashion industry. artiz studio is revolutionizing the pre-wedding photography industry and creating a model for the entire industry.

the founder of artiz studio kim yong seon was cutting the ribbon with other guests.

the spectacular opening ceremony of artiz studio-hong kong store demonstrates the commitment of artiz studio’s wide horizons, firm attitude, and advanced technologies. these attributes are also a symbol of its competence for leading reform in the industry and providing the highest level of customer service to consumers. artiz studio will lead the hong kong pre-wedding photography industry to a new peak, in fashion, skills and shooting technologies.

wedding dress show at the site

famous hong kong actress, jessica hester hsuan and the korean celebrity kim jong kuk both expressed that it’s their great honor to be invited to attend the jiahao groups asia-pacific conference and artiz studio-hong kong’s grand opening ceremony. they both recognized artiz studio’s high-end taste and fashionable photography. they believe that artiz studio-hong kong will raise the standards in hong kong’s the pre-wedding photography industry and bring it to new heights.

the jiahao group asia-pacific conference and artiz studio-hong kong grand opening ceremony sent shock waves through the pre-wedding photography industry in hong kong. the companies plan to expand throughout the asia pacific and hong kong is another step for them to realize their dream. they will continue to utilize their fashion and wedding combination model to take the industry to new heights. artiz studio under the jiahao group will continue to pursue their goal “stand on the height of the world to globalize the happiness industry”.